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February 27, 2024



Without the Palestinians, the Israeli Right would hardly exist. So don't look for any policy that defuses the problems with Palestinians. The hardliners on both sides depend on their counterparts to justify their own survival.

Anne J

This piece made me think of all those little Palestinian children who will eventually survive this assault by Israel. After seeing their friends and families massacred, will this radicalized them when they grow up? Is this what Israel wants? To keep killing Palestinians so that it will create more terrorist groups so that they will always have an excuse to kill more Palestinians? To create more terrorists by constantly terrorizing people?


I fear the short answer to your question, Anne, is yes. The hardliners on both sides do not want a two state solution; indeed, they hardly want a one state solution unless it involves an ethnically cleansed version. A two state solution would depend on the large numbers of people in the center and center-left on both sides, but they would have to overcome their respective right wings. And these are not just ethnically and politically motivated. They are also religiously motivated. This conflict has been going on in one form or another since the story of Jacob and Esau was written to justify the hatred between Arabs and Jews.

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