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February 25, 2024



It doesn't stop with denial. The strident denial you cite from numerous MAGA media sites is designed to gin up anger in the base. And there's certainly anger in the top echelons of MAGA--anger that they've been caught, once again, with their pants down and their teeny pickles exposed.

Anne J

Once again, the party of personal responsibility is pointing fingers at everyone else for their either stupidity or complicity. (Is that a word?) Why is it that if you lift up a republican accusation, you'll find a Russian at the bottom of it?

And that is not the only example of their denial. After the boneheaded and religiously motivated ruling in Alabama that frozen embryos are actual children, republicans are running away from their own policy goal of overturning Roe v Wade, which, many people warned would have a chilling effect on IVF. Now they're tripping all over themselves denying that their achievement of overturning Roe v Wade had anything to do with IVF. Are republicans really too shortsighted to see the potential consequences of their actions? Or do they know what they're doing and simply don't care?

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