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February 22, 2024


Anne J

Damn, these people sound scary a.f.. They are a danger to women, non white people, the LGBTQ community, non christians, and non believers. And from my point of view, they're starting already. There's the hypocrite Mike Johnson as preacher of the house, and the other day, the Alabama Supreme Court ruled that frozen embryos are actually children. And Nikki Haley agreed with the ruling. The ruling was made on religious grounds, namely the specific religious beliefs of the (in)justices. I don't know how such ruling is at all constitutional, but then again, I admittedly don't know how these things work. It's already practically illegal to be pregnant in this country thanks to the Dobbs ruling. These a-holes would make being a woman virtually illegal. Keep these creeps as far away from government as possible. Being christian does not automatically make someone a good person as these cretins prove. They don't give a flying fig about what Jesus said about caring for your fellow human beings. They use Jesus as a human shield to cover up their evil. Not only does the word "God" appear nowhere in the constitution, but neither do the words "Jesus" or "christianity". They only use the word "creator" to mean anything from a divine spirit in the sky to simply your own parents. May the gods or our fellow citizens help us.

Anne J

Just ran across this little item in the Daily Beast:

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