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February 10, 2024


Robert Pierce

All Biden has to do to shoot down this story is to call a presser and state:"Person, man, woman, camera, television" as evidence of his acing a cognitive assessment.


That's actually a good idea, Robert. It mocks Trump while showing Biden retains a sense of humor, and doesn't take the opinion of an attention-grabbing special counsel seriously.

Anne J

In the report, Hur says that he won't recommend prosecution because Biden would be seen as a sympathetic defendant by a jury for being too old and out of it to know he did anything wrong. How would Hur know that? He engaged in two practices I learned in cognitive behavioral therapy known as "fortune telling" and "mind reading". He has no idea how a jury would treat President Biden. And it shouldn't take a lot of formal education and an immaculate bill of mental health to recognize the report as the naked and clumsily executed partisanship that it is.

In the report Hur alleges that President Biden "willfully" retained classified materials, but was also too senile to realize what he had done? Methinks Mr. Hur should have his mental cognition examined.

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