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February 29, 2024



"Slaughter and massacre", that's what started this latest fight to the death, and as I recall it was Hamas responsible for the murder, torture and capture of many innocents.The mission statement of Hamas is to eliminate everyJew on the planet.They are open and emphatic about their ultimate goal.They are well supported by the general population of Palestinians.This objective, so clearly stated, is hardly going to encourage Israel to be merciful or forgiving of the atrocities of October7th.There used to be a commentator here (very unfriendly and unappreciative of your wisdom) and I distinctly remember him writing another blog: "Don't fuck with the USA. Don't fuck with Israel". He was a Jewish-American citizen and his vehement proclamations were a bit confronting. We have two sides here who absolutely loath each other. They don't have any regard for women, children, or innocent civilians. That's what war is. Entire cities were levelled in the second world war. The Japanese had nuclear bombs dropped on them..the USA and its allies did that. Really, war isn't ever the answer and as a mother of three sons I wouldn't be happy with them being used as cannon fodder either. Be they Palestinian, Israeli, Ukrainian or Russian, young men are not expendable.

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