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February 11, 2024



Voters are worried about more than Biden’s inability to recall a specific date, I don’t know the date of my father’s death because I chose not to commemorate it, ditto my nephew who was murdered, I remember them all the time, every single day.
The dishonesty involved in your unwavering support of a very old man is what dismays me most . It is completely implausible that some doddery old man who doesn’t present well in the public arena suddenly transforms into a sharp minded guy behind closed doors. Biden has never been in charge, This is nothing about deep state or conspiracies, it’s about what anyone with half a brain can see, He needs to go or Trump will, most likely, win and the consequences if that could be truly terrifying.


The comment above is a perfect illustration of your point, PM.


So let me get this straight. You think Trump, a doddery old narcissist with a terrible memory for names and dates, makes absolutely insane public statements regarding foreign and domestic affairs, and tells stories made out of whole cloth presents well in the public arena and is a threat to win again with his shrunken base?

I'm 73 and terrible at remembering names as are nearly all of my friends. It's one of the first things to go with age and it's a running joke with us. But every one of us are still sharp enough to perform our jobs as well as ever and so can Joe. I wasn't concerned in 2020 about Joe's lifelong propensity for gaffes since he was running against the gaffe master Trump and I'm not concerned now. (By the way, you do realize his strange, halting speech patterns are a result of overcoming his stutter, right?)

A more realistic question might be who was in charge while Reagan's family and cabinet covered up his obviously advanced Alzheimer's disease for at least the entirety of his second term and perhaps longer?


I'm fairly blind these days and generally work on my huge screen That particular comment was written on an iPad, sitting up in bed! Obviously, in those circumstances I can't distinguish a comma from a full stop.
Halster, I don't know what job you do. If you're still in paid employment at the age of 73, good on you. Most people have to retire long before they're 80 years old. My brother was an air traffic controller and had to retire at age 55. I wonder why? My father was a doctor. I believe that he had to retire at age 70. Why? He was still perfectly capable but, "them's the rules" as they say in England. Age catches up with everyone. I have hardly noticed Biden's stutter except when you point it out to me..which you have done before. That's not the issue. Forgetting people's names is normal (at a certain age), calling people by other people's names is completely different. I believe that Trump has a good chance of winning the next election. I don't care about Reagan. He's long gone.

"Voice of reason"? That's how you describe yourself. Great.

Somewhat off topic, I was at the Sydney Opera House last night at the Fran Lebowitz show/chat. She's a Trump hater who doesn't mind showing her colours. Despite what you might have heard, Australian audiences are pretty respectful and she was generously applauded throughout her presentation. One comment that she made though fell was along the lines of "The three most awful days in my lifetime, that I remember are the assassination of JFK, 9/11, and the election of Donald Trump. The third day was by far the worst". There was a moment of stunned silence, and just a smattering of subdued applause from an audience who were very unlikely to be Trump supporters. Would she put this into her NY show?

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