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March 02, 2024


Anne J

"Trump adviser Jason Miller wrote on Twitter: "If his popping off continues, Thor’s hammer will return." "

Oh noes! What will the white evangelical crowd say about one of Trump's goons invoking the name of another god? Probably nothing.

I have no idea how Florida taxpayers would handle knowing their money is going to pay Trump's legal bills if the governor had allowed it. Talk about a waste of money! Trump's whole life has been about burning through other people's money only to need more and more. He's a bad investment. The republican party had plenty of time (and it wouldn't have taken that much) to do their due diligence but they didn't want to. But they spent many years making their party a comfortable home for Trump and now they are a stuck with the orange money sponge. And that should be their problem alone, not to be solved by taxpayers.

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