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April 20, 2024



I never use self checkout. When asked once at Home Depot why I didn't, by the one employee who was supervising six such lanes, I replied that five people lost their jobs when they were put in. Naturally, she didn't mind that at all, since she had a job. I'm willing to put up with a small bit of inconvenience to keep someone employed.


Good point, VoR, one I hadn't thought of. It doesn't apply to my local Dollar General, however, since there's rarely anyone at the register. The company is infamous for understaffing. But damn, it has the cheapest yet best oatmeal-raison cookies anywhere, hence my taste buds contribute to its financial upkeep.

M. Fitzgerald

I avoid the self checkout as it is the only way to be sure to have a shitty checker and a shitty bagger.

Anne J

Apparently, this is what happens every few years by these retailers if my experience is any guide.

In 2011, I got a job as a cashier at Walmart. In orientation, we were told that Walmart had just gotten rid of their self checkout stands because of...too much theft! So they had to change out the self checkouts for full service checkstands. Then a few years after I quit, they put the self checkouts back in place, I believe in an effort to have fewer employees to pay. This was after they ever so magnanimously announced they were raising their employees' wages. (I should also add that when I worked there, most Walmarts were open 24/7, something else they stopped after raising wages.)

Now, it looks like they're going back to full serve checkouts. Again, if my experience is any guide, we've been here before.

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