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May 19, 2024



If you're short of counterspace, I recommend a yard sale to get rid of some of the old appliances...the blender that barely chops ice any more, the clogged up coffeemaker, the Margarita Machine that can only do two different kinds...the airfryer because who wants to fry air anyway? You'd be surprised at the amount of space you can reclaim and hold that way...even against Chinese imported stuff like salad shooters from RonCo and, of course, dying Chia pets.


Alas, yours is good advice, GWN. Regrettably, I have only a coffee machine on the counter. The rest is consumed by days-old unwashed dishes, bowls and silverware, one of which I wash when I have my usual once-a-day meal, and that's largely composed of oatmeal-raison and lemon cookies, prepackaged, thank God in heaven..

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