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June 19, 2024


Anne J

Gross. Does he think that having big (enhanced) biceps and tattoos and expletive laden speech makes him tough? And how in the world does he know if people who have lost limbs don't complain about anything? How many maimed friends does he have? He acts like he had to scratch and claw his way through life because his successful businessman daddy wouldn't give him a check? Sounds like another privileged wanna be tough guy to me. The only success I see that he's had is in grifting the same people Trump does. He's nothing special. He's just another MAGA wagon jumper.


Anne, spot on he's a grifter, but I suspect he genuinely believes he's the toughest of the tough; unlike Trump, who conceals his insecurities behind assorted inventions.

Anne J

Guys like him are a penny a dozen these days.

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