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June 22, 2024



I'm not at all certain the West really wants the war to end. I think they'd prefer to slowly bleed Putin into another Afghanistan.


It seems to me that would make us as culpable in thousands of needless Ukrainian deaths as the bad guys, VoR. I understand the cold-heartedness of foreign policy realism — I know not how Samantha Power can bear it — which means I would have lasted maybe two days in the State Department.

Ivory Bill Woodpecker

We don't need to intervene directly; we just need to give Ukraine unrestricted military and other aid, and allow them to use everything we give them on Russian territory.


I agree on unrestricted aid, Bill, but there's one military asset we cannot enhance — Ukraine's fighting personnel. Russia's is virtually unlimited, while Ukraine's is withering in ultimately irreplaceable numbers. Putin can keep hammering despite his army's losses. Ukraine cannot, and that spells a forced peace only in Russia's favor. Game over.

Ivory Bill Woodpecker

Full military aid to Ukraine would kill Russians at a far greater rate than Ukrainians would die.

Even if you be correct, which I do not concede, we must wait until after the elections.

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