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June 25, 2024


Uncle Billy

Perhaps the only way to stop this contagion is for the truly infected with infectious diseases to infect those who insist they remove their masks. It's time to thin the herd.

Glen Tomkins

Just to clarify, the purpose of wearing ordinary surgical masks (as opposed yo n95s) is to protect other people from any respiratory pathogens the wearer might be exhaling, not to protect the wearer. The mask directs the wearer's exhalations up, down, and to the sides, giving any viruses in those exhalations more time to be killed by all that toxic oxygen we have in our atmosphere. Air you breath in while wearing such a mask is barely if at all filtered -- it's just the air right in front of your nose and mouth. Surgical masks are far from 100% effective even at the limited role of protecting others, but even a marginal effect can stop an outbreak in its tracks, because outbreaks need a high rate of success at transmission to the next victim, or the outbreak peters out. Wear a mask and you give some protection not just to the people near you, but to society in general, to everyone these people around you will be breathing close to during the time when they would be infectious and exhaling the pathogen

This law's exception for the "medically vulnerable" therefore has it completely ass-backwards. Even if there were some legitimate public interest in prohibiting masks that the legislature was trying to balance against health concerns by accommodating people who are unusually vulnerable to infection by respiratory pathogens, the exemption would have to apply to the general public, and not the medically vulnerable. Surgical masks protect everyone else around all of us in public spaces, and then everyone they will be near in the future.

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