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June 25, 2024



On a related note, the Israeli Supreme Court has just ruled that ultra-Orthodox men must serve in the IDF. That threatens to upend Bibi's razor-thin ruling coalition, as has his dismissal of his war cabinet. The regime's days may be numbered.


Do you also suspect, as I do, VoR, that the rulng provides Bibi & Friends with an excellent opportunity to defy the court? It has no troops, as Stalin said of the pope.


I wouldn't bet against that, PM.


It would seem that the Israeli Supreme Court hinted at a way out. According to the NYT, "Israel’s Supreme Court on Tuesday ruled that the military must begin drafting ultra-Orthodox Jewish men.... In a unanimous decision, nine judges held that there was no legal basis for the longstanding military exemption given to many ultra-Orthodox religious students. Given the absence of a law distinguishing between seminarians and other men of draft age, the court ruled, the country’s compulsory service laws must similarly apply to the ultra-Orthodox minority."

The key phrase noting the absence of a law can be addressed, providing Bibi has enough votes to shove it through the Knesset. Time will tell...


Given the government's theo-rightest radicalism, I'll guess that's a lock.


Even center-left coalitions end up being dominated by radical Orthodox religious parties, so I imagine it would be a lock regardless. It's the clear counter-example to critics of the US two-party system, a situation where there are so many parties in Israel that nobody can form a clear majority. Every Israeli government is a cobbled together mess, held captive by the smallest of parties, who punch far above their weight.

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